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Butična nastanitev


B&B Dvor Vipolže se nahaja v očarljivi vasici Vipolže, ponaša se s tradicionalno, prenovljeno briško, kamnito hišo in ogromnim dvoriščem. Vse sobe so nove, zasnovane v rustikalnem podeželskem slogu s pridihom modernosti.

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Vas Vipolže je pomembeno kulturno središče v Goriških brdih, s središčem v Vili Vipolže, kjer se odvijajo pomembni kulturni dogodki, na domačem in mednarodnem področju. Tu ste lahko udeležite koncertov, art festivalov, slikarskih razstav in potešite svoje brbončice v njihovi restavraciji in vinoteki Kruh in vino. Nastanitev Dvor Vipolže je oddaljen 250 metrov od italijanske meje, letališče Trst je oddaljeno le 30 km.

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  • Only children 10 years and above are allow to stay at Dvor Vipolže
  • The minimum age for check in is 21 years old.
  • Flexible cancelation: at least 7 days before arrival, a full refund.
    • If cancelation 7 days or less before arrival, 100% of the payment will not be refunded.
    • Full payment must be made before arrival.
  • We accept Slovenian tourist vouchers.
    • If you wish to pay with Slovenian tourist vouchers, we still require a 100% advance payment to secure the reservation, and upon check out, we will return your deposit.
  • Smoking is allowed outside only

*The owner is under no obligation to accept any additional unannounced guests as well as unreported pets.*

Check-in is at or after 15:30 and until 21.00. Early check-in is not possible, and you will not be allowed to enter the accommodation before.


Children must be supervised by parents whilst in the swimming pool area.
Use the swimming pool at your own risk.


Any lost key will incur a charge of 50 euro

Quiet hours:

Guests must be quiet between 22.00 and 6.00

Dvor Vipolže (Tanja Makuc S.P) is not responsible for any damage of property of persons staying at Dvor Vipolže
By booking a room at Dvor Vipolže you automatically accept the terms and conditions on behalf of all guests within your reservation